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Truckers are once again trying to rally fellow drivers in a strike for medical freedom


Rumors of a trucker strike are once again circling the internet as online trucking groups work to speak out against medical mandates. 

From Facebook groups (such as the now-private StopTheTires2020), to Tik Tok accounts, truckers appear to be attempting slow rolls, full stops, and protests across the country in response to COVID-19 vaccine mandantes – particularly the new employment-related vaccination requirements set forth by President Biden earlier this month. 

Although projected dates seem to vary slightly from event to event, multiple trucker protests appear to be scheduled between September 26th and the beginning of October, all in protest of COVID regulations and mandates. The largest and most popular of these appear to be scheduled for September 27th and September 29th, partially in coordination with the Ten Four DC rally on the 29th – many are using the hashtag #patriotshutdown.

Truckers, citizens, and more are attempting a rally at the Minnesota State Capitol on September 26th, while even more trucker slow rolls and full stops are scheduled for September 27th. These September 27th slow rolls are apparently planned for a a few specific times and locations such as:

Nashville, Tennessee: eastbound I-40 at mile marker 175; eastbound I-24 mile marker 39; southbound I-65, mile marker 93; northbound I- 65, mile marker 57; westbound I-24 mile marker 75; westbound I-40, mile marker 235; 7 a.m. 

Henderson, North Carolina: east and westbound I-85 at mile marker 205 and 217; 7 a.m. 

Dayton, Ohio: eastbound I-70, mile marker 32; westbound I-70, mile marker 45; northbound I-75, mile marker 40; southbound I-75, mile marker 62; 7 a.m.  

Cinncinatti, Ohio: eastbound I-74, mile marker 4, southbound I-75, mile marker 17, southbound I-71 sb, mile marker 18; 7 a.m.

Columbus, Ohio, northbound I-71, mile marker 98; eastbound I-70, mile marker 90; southbound I-71, mile marker 120; westbound I-70, mile marker 111; 7 a.m.

St. Louis, Missouri: eastbound I-70, mile marker 223; eastbound I-64, mile marker 20; eastbound I-44 mile marker 270; northbound I-55, mile marker 194; southbound US 67 at the Lewis Bridge, 7 a.m.

East St. Louis, Illinois: westbound I-64, mile marker 13; southbound I-55, mile marker 22; westbound I-70, mile marker 22; north SR 3 at the intersection of I-255 at the southeast corner, 7 a.m.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: northbound I-83, mile marker 37; eastbound I-76, mile marker 235; northbound I-81, mile marker 60; southbound I-81, mile marker 73; 7 a.m.

Salt Lake City, Utah: southbound I-215, mile marker 25.5; northbound I-15, mile marker 293; southbound I-15, mile marker 313; westbound I-80, mile marker 131; eastbound I-80, mile marker 101; 7 a.m.

In addition to these slow rolls and stops, many drivers appear to be planning their own protests at the Ten Four truck driver event in Washington, D.C. on September 29th. Although the organization itself claims to be neutral on trucking issues, Ten Four D.C. founder Todd Campbell is encouraging truck drivers to show up to the event and speak out on whatever trucking issues matter most to them. 

“Whatever your issue is with the industry is what you come and tell the public,” Campbell said in a recent interview with The Disrespected Trucker, a truck driver who recently went viral on Tik Tok for promoting a late-August protest against vaccine mandates for truckers, and was subsequently banned from the platform. (He has since started a new account).

“Event organizers do not have a planned deal,” Campbell continued. 

“It’s all up to you. Freedom, medical choice, it’s all up to you.”

In addition to the Ten Four rally, drivers, citizens, and more also appear to be planning a medical freedom rally outside of the Arkansas state capitol in Little Rock. Meanwhile another group, Truckers United for Freedom, is attempting to organize a nationwide rally at each state’s capitol for October 4th. 

So far, Ten Four D.C. appears to be the only trucker event with registered participants, permits, sponsors, and all other required paperwork for such a large-scale event.


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