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VIDEO: A helpful ‘alligator’ refresher course for four-wheelers


A Texas news station recently set out to educate motorists on highway ‘alligators,’ their causes, and how to avoid them in this quick, cute video. 

The short video explains what exactly a highway ‘alligator’ is – shreds of tire left on the highway, typically by semi trucks; why tire shredding happens – retreaded tires tend to shred easier, but they are better for the environment and save truckers and trucking companies money; and even how to avoid them – slow down and switch lanes (duh?). 

To conclude the informational clip, the video states that four wheelers should avoid driving directly next to semi trucks whenever possible to prevent ‘alligators’ from breaking through their windshields, but we can think of quite a few more reasons why this is good advice. 

Check out the quirky clip, below.


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