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VIDEO: Driver makes unbelievably tight pass on right


A truck driver attempts, and successfully completes, the tightest pass we’ve ever seen in this gasp-inducing clip. 

In the video, a truck driver with a dash cam has clearly had enough of the two truckers driving side-by-side along a two lane highway and decides to go for it. 

The trio comes up on an on ramp and the filming driver suddenly takes advantage and moves over into the entrance ramp, putting the pedal to the metal as he tries to overtake the trucks blocking the lanes of travel. 

The driver quickly runs out of lane mid-pass but does not give up and instead moves over onto the shoulder, which appears barely narrow enough to keep him from running onto the grass. The driver then finally pulls in front of the slow moving rig, barely avoiding colliding with a guardrail. 

Are you sweating yet? Watch the full dash cam clip, below. 


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