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Video gives inside look of custom 359 Peterbilt ordered by Johnny Cash


A Youtube video gives an exclusive look into the sleek looking semi that legendary singer, Johnny Cash, ordered back in the 80s.

The video was posted by The Asian Mai Show on June 21 and explains the history of the truck and shows off the original retro interior to viewers.

In the video, the current owner of the truck, Charles Hale from Russel Springs, Kentucky, goes into depth about how Cash’s custom truck ended up as his own.

Official paperwork confirms that the Peterbilt was originally ordered by Cash, however the singer never took delivery of the truck.

Allegedly, Cash did not claim the truck because the factory vera shield that bore his name on the wind deflector was omitted from the roof of the truck.

When Cash turned the truck down, Hale’s father purchased the truck new in 1985. Hale’s father sold the truck in 1994. Using social media, Hale’s son was able to find the owner in Illinois, and bought the truck back.

Watch the Youtube video below to see the truck for yourself.


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