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VIDEO: Maybe the most important trucking advice you’ll ever hear


A Tik Tok trucker offers up some important advice that could be easily overlooked in this rant-turned useful. 

In the clip, trucker @ripple_in_sound recounts a story where a driver chewed her out for going what she considered a safe speed on a winding road in Colorado. 

“This load is stacked 13 feet 3 inches tall. Like, is this your first day driving? You don’t know how curves work?” she says in the video. 

She then goes on to explain how the left lane was wide open if the complaining driver wanted to pass her, but he instead chose to stay behind her and continue to complain on the CB. 

While this situation may be frustrating, this driver turned it into an important reminder for drivers everywhere: “I will go as slow as I need to be safe.”

For a friendly reminder, check out the clip below. 


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