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VIDEO: When car hauling goes very, very wrong


What looks to be a very expensive mistake was captured on camera in this unfortunate video. 

In the clip, a red sports car was apparently secured incorrectly as it was being hauled, causing it to tear completely through the front of the trailer. 

The car is left to balance precariously between the cab and the trailer as the trucker exits his cab, does a walkaround of the damage, and jumps on the phone. 

“Are you kidding me? That thing came through!” exclaims the person filming the video. 

Meanwhile, the trucker can be faintly heard on the phone, and it doesn’t sound fun. 

“I’d love to listen to that phone call,” commented one viewer.

“Doubt he’s getting fired worst case getting shitty routes and auction runs for the next few weeks till he can get back on the premium car loads,” added another viewer.

“People outside of the industry really don’t understand how often freight damage happens,” they continued. “From mirror hits inside the enclosed trailer to roofs being tuna canned by a bridge from a deck not being set at the right height before driving.”

Watch the car haul gone terribly wrong, below.


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