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WATCH: trucker goes off on clueless motorist who claims to have ‘earned’ parking in a semi spot


A female truck driver briefly rants about an entitled pickup driver’s lack of truck stop etiquette in this clip. 

In the video, the motorist explains that he parked in a semi truck parking spot to go shower. 

“Idk but I think I have earned that spot,” the motorist, who is driving a dually, states.

“You’ve ‘earned it,’ huh?” the female trucker responds. 

“Meanwhile, every single day, drivers are being forced to park in dangerous places like Interstate ramps all because of lazy f***s like you who are too ignorant to pull your head out of your a**. It’s not a hat. It’s not a good look,” she concludes. And she’s right. 

If you’re not a trucker, leave the truck spots for the actual rigs, because they sure can be hard to come by. 

Check out the video, below. 


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