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Trucker, movers, jump into action to save suicidal woman on bridge 


A truck driver jumped into action and saved a suicidal woman with the help of two movers in Washington last week. 

The incident happened on October 11th in Auburn, Washington.

According to King 5 News, two movers were on their way to an early morning move when they noticed traffic stopped on a bridge – and that’s when they knew something wasn’t right. 

“We never go that way. It was the first time I’ve been all the way over there,” said Esteban Torralba, one of the movers. “We hit the bridge, right? And we see everybody stopped.”

Torralba and his coworker, Reney Penalosa, then walked over to the woman in crisis and saw a trucker holding onto her as she perched precariously over the railing of the bridge.  The two movers then decided to lend a hand to the driver and the woman in crisis. 

“I didn’t know how long they were going to take. So I was looking around like, ‘What do I do.’ My friend said, ‘Hey, the straps,’” Peñalosa said. “She wanted to jump. But if we could do something, between all of us we did something.”

The two movers then secured a makeshift harness out of straps used for moving and helped to hoist the woman back over the railing to safety. She was then taken to a nearby hospital for help. 

“You never know what kind of situation you’re living in, you know. Maybe this person has depression, depression is really real. And it’s really bad. You feel it,” Torralba said.

“It was just the right moment,” Torralba said. “God said we have to be there. To help save someone, and that’s what we did.”


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