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WATCH: Poorly-timed merge highlighted by tunnel’s close quarters


A pair of semi trucks narrowly miss each other during a poorly-timed merge into a tunnel in this quick clip. 

In the video, two semi trucks approach a tunnel, one in each lane, when the left lane ends. The truck on the left narrowly sneaks past the rig on the right as the two enter the tunnel, just barely avoiding a collision. 

“How often does this happen to you guys?” reads the caption. 

“It happens a lot. I believe some people do this on purpose because our governed trucks slowed down their momentum. It happened so much I just slow down when being passed. I also hate being passed on a curve because a lot of them can’t even stay in their lane,” commented one viewer. 

“I drive at night and I’d say 9 out of 10 come over far too early even when the roads are empty. If you slow down, they just come over sooner. Why not give a good distance if no one else is around? I usually come over around 50 yards or so, while most come over within 20 feet of your bumper or sooner. If someone is behind them I can understand it, but most of the time it’s completely empty,” wrote another. 

How often does this happen to you? Check out the video, below.


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