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ARDOT suggests trucking industry take a ‘voluntary’ holiday during spring eclipse festivities


The Arkansas DOT has suggested a holiday for trucking industry during eclipse as a way to decrease traffic during the upcoming festivities. 

The ArDOT has released its traffic plan for April 8th, 2024. Traffic-reduction strategies presented in the document include closing schools, encouraging remote work, and asking trucking companies to cease deliveries in and through the state for the day. 

While the plan may sound like a good idea, the Arkansas Trucking Association says it’s not a realistic solution. 

“I don’t think that it’s a realistic expectation that we’re going to stop interstate commerce for 24 hours. I think there is value in informing members of the industry just so that we can appropriately set expectations,” ATA President Shannon Newton said to KAIT8 News.

“Our members and carriers are worried about getting their drivers home for Christmas on Friday. Where they’re going to be and what the customer demands are going to be in April, that’s just too far down the road for planning purposes.”


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