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Canadian trucking company ordered to rehire truck driver fired for drinking and driving 


A trucking company in Quebec has been ordered to rehire a driver fired for a DUI crash in Pennsylvania last year. 

The female truck driver was fired after a crash on June 30th, 2022, which caused damage to the truck but did not result in injuries. 

The truck driver had consumed at least nine beers prior to the crash, and told her employer she was an alcoholic a week after the incident. The driver claims she then got help for her drinking problem. 

Global News reports that the driver argued to arbitrator Huguette April that her company could have installed a breathalyzer in her truck after the crash, or found another position for her instead of firing her. 

The trucking company, Groupe Robert, claims that the female driver violated a contract that stated truck drivers who drank on the job will be fired. 

The arbitrator ruled in favor of the truck driver, citing alcoholism as a disability, and said that the company should have made reasonable accommodations for her. The company is required to reinstate the woman as a truck driver at their company.


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