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Cobra, the #1 CB radio choice for truckers, now has smart dash cams to protect you


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Anything can happen when you’re a trucker out on the road — you could be involved in an accident or bad weather, or you could even be the victim of a crime. Because of this, more truck drivers are relying on dash cams as a smart way to protect themselves against whatever the road throws their way.

While there are tons of low-cost dash cams out there, picking a high-quality, reliable dash cam is worth the investment. Cobra Electronics has been the trucking industry’s leading provider of professional CB radios for decades, and they also sell a wide range of products for every type of trucking operation’s needs — whether it’s power inverters for your CPAP, portable power for your electronics, or dash cams to be your second set of eyes on the road.

Dash Cams To Protect You From Life’s Blindspots

As a trucker, you probably know that in the event of a crash, it’s often assumed that you are the driver at fault. Cobra’s dash cam products provide you with objective evidence of the events leading up to the accident, the accident itself, and the accident aftermath, helping to prove to law enforcement, motor carriers, and insurance companies what actually happened. Knowing that you have the video truth on your side provides the peace of mind you need while on the road. Cobra dash cams tell your side of the story with cameras that can record the road ahead, inside, and behind your truck, protecting you from inaccurate testimony, fraudulent insurance claims, and more.

Smart Dash Cam Solutions For Every Situation

Whether you’re a tech-savvy trucker or a driver who is in need of a more user-friendly product, Cobra offer a variety of solutions for different needs, ranging from a simple set-it-and-forget dash cam with a single front-view (SC 100) all the way up to a 3-camera-capable dash cam with 4K, Alexa built-in, and more (SC 400D). Cobra smart dash cams use an included SD card as well as the cloud to store your recordings, making it easy to review or share from anywhere.

Plus, all Cobra smart dash cams connect with the Drive Smarter® app, which provides a video gallery and advanced safety features like an Emergency Mayday Alert and First Notice of Loss documentation.

The technology that powers the Drive Smarter® app also allows you to receive live police alerts, red light and speed camera locations, and other road condition alerts. You can also keep yourself on the right route by using your dash cam screen for exclusive heads-up navigation that will show you upcoming turns on your route.

Check out the video below highlighting the game-changing Cobra SC 400 & 400D series of smart dash cams.

Cobra Dash Cams Available At Major Truck Stops

Cobra Electronics is proud to be the nation’s premier provider of dash cam and CB Radio products for truck drivers. Look for Cobra dash cams at your nearest Pilot, Love’s, or TA truck stop. You can also click here to shop Cobra dash cams online.

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