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Drivers (apparently) don’t feel bad for the trucking influencer jailed in Dubai 


‘The Sassy Trucker’ isn’t getting much support from her fellow drivers after returning home from a harrowing experience involving jail in Dubai this week. 

Tierra Allen, otherwise known as “The Sassy Trucker” was recently jailed in Dubai after “shouting” at a rental car employee during a “common rental car extortion scheme” in May.

She was finally able to return home this week, but the response from her fellow truckers appears to be less than supportive according to comments on the article about her homecoming. 

“Leave her there, these “look at me, look at me” people represent the decay of society.” 

“Makes the rest of us whos [sic.] been out here a long time not want t tell anyone what we do for a living.”

“She went to Foreign country acted with American belligerate [sic.] expected spiecal treatmen [sic.] only in United States your allowed to act a foo in public and get away with it.”

“Why are you reporting about this? Nobody cares about about this!”

“She thinks she’s special. You’re not. Just another trucker…”

Others in the trucking internet sphere are noticing the lack of support as well. Youtuber Mutha Trucker recently released a video on the subject and received similar comments, along with some proposing that a person should be aware of a country’s laws before they travel there. 

“Even if she didn’t know the law, what happened to speaking calmly to address the issue? Yelling and screaming doesn’t work as a scare tactic every where. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, lesson learned, hopefully.”

“Hopefully that humbles her and changes her attitude because bad attitudes doesn’t fix problems.”

“You must obey the laws of the land. This is wisdom.”

“Gotta know and respect the place you go. Most importantly, love your home.”

“I don’t feel bad for her either. She has a nasty attitude.”

“Anytime you travel, whether domestically or internationally, you need to be aware of the laws. That has nothing to do with sympathy or the lack thereof, it’s just a fact.”

The Sassy Trucker has not posted to her Tik Tok since June, and has been quiet on all of her other social media pages since the spring.


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