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‘Drivers are the answer’: Grammer Logistics turns to innovation and driver-first solutions to fuel growth


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The nation’s go-to hauler for specialized and hazardous materials is finding ways to turn challenges into opportunities, leaning into driver-friendly solutions to lead the company’s continued expansion into new markets and new territories.

Forging A Path Forward With Driver-Centric Solutions

The trucking industry has been in a strange place since the pandemic upended the nation’s supply-chains, sent the freight market into a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and triggered volatility in the demand for drivers. While many other carriers have struggled to keep their doors open and retain experienced drivers, Grammer Logistics has found remarkable success by embracing outside-of-the-box solutions in order to provide better quality of life for their drivers. CDLLife reached out to the Grammer team to learn more about how they’re pushing through adversity and finding success on the other side.

Having a solid partnership with our drivers is the answer to the challenges we face,” explained Director of Recruiting Joshua Mecca as he walked us through some of the big changes that the company has made over the past couple of years.

Keeping drivers happy by providing a stable work environment, consistent miles, and a fair work/life balance has always been a top priority for the Grammer team. When it became harder to meet these goals due to tough market conditions, Grammer responded by diversifying and launching a specialty chemical division in 2021 to allow for drivers to haul different products, especially during off-peak times for natural gas liquid commodities. This willingness to adapt by the Grammer team gives drivers increased job security and consistency while also allowing the company to provide valuable new services to clients.

Grammer Turns To Transloading For A Better Day-To-Day Experience For Drivers

Here’s another example of the company’s relentless commitment to problem solving on behalf of their driving team. Grammer Logistics recently focused on expanding transload operations in order to provide both a better customer experience and a better experience for the company’s drivers. Moving freight from rail to truck and truck to rail, known as transloading, provides cost savings and efficiency to Grammer customers, but more importantly, it gives drivers more stability, better home time, and allows them to build key relationships with customers — a win-win strategy. Grammer reports that other benefits they’re seeing from transloading operations include lower levels of driver fatigue, improved safety, and higher levels of driver satisfaction.

Pushing Boundaries Leads To Growth

The Grammer team’s willingness to try something new has allowed the company to expand in practically every way imaginable. They’re adding drivers to their team, new equipment (including trucks and specialized trailers) to their fleet, and several strategic terminals to provide services to a growing list of customers across the country.

Join The Grammer Logistics Elite Team Of Professional Drivers

Founded in 1968 in Grammer, Indiana, Grammer Logistics provides leading bulk transportation and logistics services for specialty chemicals, gasses, and hazardous materials to clients throughout the U.S. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Grammer Logistics professional driving team, please click here to get started

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