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Family offering reward for truck driver that fled scene after running someone over


A Tennessee family is offering a reward for anyone with information on a tragic incident involving a tractor trailer that left two cousins dead on the side of Interstate 65. 

The series of accidents happened on March 18th, 2023 on southbound I-65 in Robertson County, Tennessee. 

According to WKRN, cousins Aubrey Mckee and Bradley Jamal Snell were driving a Hyundai Sonata at around 4 a.m. when they were struck by another car and pushed into a guardrail. Mckee and Snell got out of the car, and Mckee was almost immediately struck and killed by a Chevy pickup truck. 

The driver of the pickup stayed at the scene. Shortly after Mckee’s death, a passing tractor trailer ran over Snell and drove away, leaving both men dead at the scene. Now, Mckee’s uncle says the family is looking for answers, and offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information on the incidents that evening. 

“Honestly, Lord, what kind of human being is that?” Aubrey’s mother, Vanessa Mckee, said, to WSMV 4. “That would do that to somebody and just keep going?”

The family says that Snell’s fiance, Tanisha Crane, was also in the car at the time of the accidents and was injured so severely that she spent 45 days in the hospital and almost lost her arm. The two were expected to get married just two weeks from the day of Snell’s death. 

“Instead of having a wedding, we had a funeral, a celebration of life on the same day that the wedding was supposed to take place,” said Malcolm Bellamy, another family member to the cousins. 

“I don’t think anyone should have to die such a horrible death, and anyone with a conscience (wouldn’t) just keep going and would not stop when they know they have killed two people,” said Vanessa Mckee. 

“That person now is walking around with the burden of knowing this,” Bellamy said. “Come forward with information and help our families find closure.”

“I hope that God deals with them in a mighty way….that God will work on their conscience,” said Vanessa McKee. “That God will work on them…that they’ll come forth and say that it was an accident and that they’re sorry. We just want justice for Aubrey and Jamal.”

“We can’t judge them because we’re Christians, but we have already forgiven them,” Vanessa Mckee continued. “We don’t have a heaven or hell to put them in, and we really do forgive them, whoever that person is.”

Anyone with information on this case can call the Bart Durham Injury Law office at (615) 242-9000.


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