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The ES Advantage: Answering Your Questions On Becoming More Profitable


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By Jeff Reese

Director of Sales & Marketing,

ES – Vendor Network Services

We can always count on January to deliver a New Year and with that, an opportunity for a fresh start and the inspiration to begin exploring what could be possible for the future.

There’s no doubt that owner-operators, small fleet owners and trucking entrepreneurs continually strive to become more efficient and increase profitability. To achieve that with today’s market, it demands that you manage all your costs while operating as efficiently as possible.

As you review your expenses for the year and you examine the opportunities you see in 2023, what changes can you make that can lower your operating costs and strengthen your business operation?

If you own a small trucking operation and you are exploring ways to give your business a fresh start in the New Year, we wanted to break down some of the most frequently asked questions our ES Advantage Team receives when we get calls asking us about our program offerings.

Why should I choose the ES Advantage?

As you’ll hear, the ES Advantage is built specifically for owner-operators and small fleets. 

The ES Advantage has developed a vendor network that delivers savings on fuel, maintenance, tires and insurance along with other services. 

We have the leading discounts in the industry, and the ES Advantage makes it possible for a one-truck operation to be able to compete with much larger fleets.

How much does the ES Advantage program save customers?

This is one of our favorite questions because it allows us to discuss in depth the savings that the ES Advantage can bring to the bottom line of your business. 

Our customers save an average of 55 cents per gallon over the course of a month. When it comes to discounts at the pump, we’ve seen our discounts go as high as $1.88 per gallon. 

Of course, every professional driver knows that fuel prices move up and down, but our ES Advantage customers have consistently seen savings on fuel purchases averaging $1,300 per month per truck. If you have a fleet of 10 trucks with the fuel discounts we have through our ES Advantage network, the average savings would be $13,000 on a monthly basis.

What’s included with the ES Advantage?

With the comprehensive program that we have designed through the ES Advantage, we are able to serve as a champion for small trucking businesses. Like I mentioned above, the ES Advantage Discount Program offers fuel discounts as well as discounted pricing on maintenance services and tires. Our insurance coverage options save our customers as much as 30 percent on their premiums in many cases.

Our company motto at ES is Never Stand Alone, and through the ES Advantage, we’re delivering savings directly down to small trucking businesses – savings we know that are critical to the one-truck owner-operator. 

In addition to fuel, shop, tires and insurance discounts, we also have legal service providers, a tax and accounting service and other vendors that have partnered with us to help meet your needs. In addition, you’ll have access to a rewards program where you receive two free showers and refills daily.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more on how the ES Advantage program can help in delivering savings to your trucking business, follow the links below or if you would like to talk to our ES Advantage Savings Consultants, our toll-free number is 866-811-3033.

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