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Think that you can’t afford commercial truck insurance? OOIDA says think again.


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OOIDA, one of the most trusted names in the trucking industry, is also one of the most experienced providers of commercial vehicle insurance — and has been for decades.

Many members of the trucking community know OOIDA best for their advocacy in regulatory and legal circles, but the group is also one of the nation’s premier providers of affordable truck insurance solutions. During the organization’s more than 50 years of fighting for the rights of truckers, OOIDA has learned a lot about how Owner-Operators and smaller carriers run their businesses and what they need in terms of coverage options and payment structure.

History Of OOIDA Truck Insurance

So why did OOIDA get into the truck insurance business in the first place?

To put it simply, they did it because the rest of the options out there were weak, scammy, or just plain stunk.

Before OOIDA was formed in 1973, it was tough for smaller trucking operations to find affordable and legitimate coverage options. Owner-Operators were forced to purchase truck insurance from a pool at a much higher cost than was fair, given the level of attention and care that the majority of them put into driving and maintaining their own equipment. There were also numerous insurance scammers who targeted small business truckers in operation at the time. Even insurance companies OOIDA partnered with in good faith in the late 1980s were eventually discovered to be involved in “shady dealings.”

“It became clear to us that in order to provide greater stability, we had to do it ourselves,” said OOIDA President Todd Spencer.

So they did.

It took a lot of hard work, but eventually OOIDA’s commercial truck insurance division, Owner-Operator Services, Inc. (OOSI), was born in the late 1980s. In years that followed, OOSI steadily grew to become the most experienced provider of commercial truck insurance in the U.S. today.

OOIDA Offers Low Cost Commercial Truck Insurance And Expertise For Small-Business Truckers

Small trucking businesses have vastly different needs than larger carriers when it comes to insurance coverage and payment options. They’re often operating on razor-thin profit margins and can’t afford to make big up-front payments or high financing costs. OOIDA’s policy plans are crafted with common sense to meet the needs of the little guy.

OOSI agents have 370 combined years of experience, meaning that customers have access to a treasure trove of commercial vehicle insurance know-how. They’re able to guide you through the ins and outs of policies to make sure that you’re getting the coverage you need to stay legal and well-protected while you’re out on the road.

OOIDA Truck Insurance Supports The Fight Against Bad Regulations

Drivers who opt for coverage with OOIDA are doing more than protecting their own businesses. They’re also helping OOIDA to carry out their mission of advocacy on behalf of all small-business truckers. That’s because OOIDA has no shareholders to appease and no commercial agenda to pursue. The revenue that is generated from OOIDA’s truck insurance programs does NOT go into the coffers of a large corporation — instead, it goes right back into funding OOIDA’s fight for a more fair trucking industry.

While other trucking insurance providers lobby lawmakers to increase the burden on truckers with unpopular rules like the ELD and speed limiter mandates, OOIDA is an insurance provider that provider that fights against regulations that harm truckers and make highways more dangerous. You have to spend money on insurance coverage, but the choice is yours — you can give your hard-earned dollars to a large corporation that is actively working against you, or you can partner with a provider that is constantly acting in the best interest of your business.

Explore Coverage Options Today

OOIDA offers insurance plans for Owner-Operators and Leased Owner-Operators, with a wide array of additional coverage options including personal property coverage, gap coverage, roadside breakdown coverage, and towing and cleanup coverage. If you’re ready to partner with OOIDA for trucker-friendly insurance solutions, you can click here to get started.

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