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This locally-owned trucking company’s ‘engineered lanes’ provide drivers with consistent miles, pay, and home time


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The nation’s largest privately-owned fleet is offering truck drivers a unique opportunity to haul freight in a smarter, more driver-friendly way.

For four decades, Las Cruces, New Mexico-headquartered Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) has steadily worked to become a carrier of choice for clients across the country as well as a career destination for professional drivers looking for a family-like atmosphere and a company with a strong focus on safety. Over the years, MVT has worked hard to foster a company culture that focuses on respect, communication, and innovation in order to continue to thrive even in tough freight markets.

Why Engineered Lanes?

MVT is a company that is not afraid to make major operations changes in order to provide better quality of life for its drivers. For example, the company has recently turned to “engineered lanes” to keep drivers rolling and earning while providing them with increased stability and flexibility. MVT’s engineered lanes are specially designed by the company to provide drivers with a better day-to-day driving experience. Unlike traditional dedicated lanes, MVT drivers running engineered lanes haul freight for different customers along the same route.

A few benefits of engineered lanes:

  • More consistent hometime, mileage, and pay. One of the biggest stresses that truck drivers can experience is simply not knowing — not knowing when you’ll get home, or how many miles you’ll get this week, or whether your paycheck will be enough to cover your bills. MVT drivers choose engineered routes because of the stability and peace of mind they provide in terms of work/life balance and pay.
  • Trip planning is easier for drivers. As with dedicated routes, truck drivers become familiar with their engineered lanes and can make more informed decisions about where to park safely, what roads to avoid due to construction, and the best places to fuel.
  • Slow freight doesn’t need to slow you down. If freight is down or slow for one customer, MVT drivers can oftentimes still run the same route they’re used to, but for a different customer thanks to the flexibility provided by engineered lanes.
  • Engineered routes provide drivers with the freedom to transfer between divisions. With engineered routes, drivers have a greater ability to move around the company and try different divisions based on their needs and interests.*

Other benefits that MVT drivers enjoy include full benefits, safe newer-model equipment to operate, a weekly paycheck paid through direct deposit, a rider and pet policy, a quarterly car giveaway, an annual $25K bonus to the driver with the highest MPG average, and 24/7 roadside assistance provided by Penske.

Check out the video below for more on why drivers choose MVT.


Join the MVT Family Today

Founded by truck driver Royal Jones in 1982, MVT operates a fleet of over 1600 trucks and 6000 trailers with terminals located across the country, serving clients in all 48 states and Canada. If you’d like to join the MVT family as a regional driver, OTR driver, team driver, or local driver, please click here to get started!

*Drivers may have to run out of route based on customer demand and swapping divisions depends on fleet availability.

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