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Trucker mysteriously vanished two weeks ago, leaving behind a wallet, a phone, and a trailer full of pigs


Despite a massive search effort, a truck driver who vanished in Iowa last month, leaving behind a wallet, a phone, and a trailer full of pigs, is still unaccounted for.

Truck driver David Schultz, 53, was last seen in the Sac City, Iowa, area in the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

Schutz missed a November 21 appointment to deliver a load of livestock and could not be reached by phone, Fox 12 reports.

The truck and trailer that Schultz was hauling was discovered on a rural two lane U.S. Highway 71 with the trailer full of baby pigs. Also left behind were a wallet and cell phone belonging to Schultz.

Schultz’s jacket was found on the side of the road near the truck.

The truck was found facing north on the highway when it should have been south-facing to reach Sac City, according to reports.

In the weeks after Schultz went missing, the nonprofit group the United Cajun Navy has spearheaded efforts to search for the missing truck driver. Hundreds of people volunteered to look for Schultz.

So far, there have been no major leads in finding Schultz, though searchers did discover the remains of another man who went missing in the area in late October, Mark Reisberg.

After searching 100,000 acres, the search has been paused, as the United Cajun Navy feels that “we may have exhausted any potential search locations in the area.”

Family members say that the father of two twin boys was dependable and that he would not leave his family behind.

David’s wife, Sarah told Local 5 News, “Late in the afternoon, I found out that he missed a load, and I just got sick to my stomach. He would never miss a load, he’s their guy. From then on I knew something was bad wrong.”


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