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Truckers only pay for the miles they drive under family-owned insurance company’s innovative programs


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A respected South Carolina-headquartered insurance provider is supporting the trucking community by offering unique programs to help make sure that they only pay for coverage when their trucks are in motion.

A Proud History Of Serving The Trucking Industry

For 84 years, family-owned Canal Insurance Company has been in the business of serving the trucking community. Founded by William Timmons in 1939, the company has steadily expanded through decades of uncertain economic times and to this day remains committed to providing insurance solutions for the men and women of the trucking community exclusively. Over the years, they’ve helped motor carriers from across the country to succeed by offering industry-leading protection and customer service, all while providing a trucker-friendly insurance experience.

Just because Canal has been around for a long time doesn’t mean that there is anything old fashioned about what they do. In fact, their team takes pride in consistently disrupting the way that the insurance industry operates when it comes to protecting their trucking clients.

Two new Canal product offerings are a perfect example of the outside-of-the-box thinking that is a hallmark of the company’s legacy.

Canal TestDrive

Canal TestDrive is a game-changing program designed to simplify and streamline the way that truckers are insured. The program charges a premium based on how many miles you actually drive so that you’re not still paying to insure your truck when it is only idling.

Using a free Samsara telematics device, a monthly premium is automatically calculated based on mileage. Instead of charging truckers on an estimated amount of miles they could drive per month, the way that other insurance companies do, Canal only charges for actual miles driven, creating a more fair payment system for their truck driving customers. There’s no startup cost and no hassle with calculating and submitting miles — the telematics device does all of the remote hard work for you.

Miles per Canal

Miles per Canal is a similar program specifically designed for experienced motor carriers that allows truckers to use an existing telematics device to automatically report mileage to calculate their monthly liability insurance premiums.

The benefits? Carriers only pay for coverage when the truck is actually rolling, not for idle time. There is no minimum monthly premium and no paperwork. The Miles per Canal program is a seamless and smart way to help ensure you’re not paying too much for your insurance coverage.

Meet The Team At The Walcott Truckers Jamboree

Don’t forget to stop by and meet the Canal team at this year’s Walcott Truckers Jamboree taking place July 13th – 14th at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop in Walcott, Iowa. Drop by Booth T1 to say hello! You can also check out the company website here to learn more about unique coverage options for motor carriers of any size.

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