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VIDEO: More proof that a Super Trucker is gonna super truck


A so-called “super trucker” proves that he’s always going to do just that, no matter the circumstances. 

When the video opens, we see the filming driver seemingly camping in the left lane, but he offers a good reason for his situation. 

“I’m in the left lane because that dump truck is distracted and couldn’t maintain his speed for the last 10+ miles and finally got fed up at a light only for him to decide it’s hammer time.”

A sedan being tailgated by a day-cab semi truck then pulls ahead of the filming driver before cutting in front of him and speeding off. 

“‘Ole construction boy comes and out supertrucks all of us. Later down the road he started brake checking people who were behind him,” the video poster added. “Report?”

The post generated more than 160 comments ranging from left-lane camping criticism to eye-rolling at the tailgating truck. 

Watch the video below. 

Super trucker super trucking. Report?
by u/inebriateddandhated in Truckers

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