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VIDEO: Pickup trying to avoid semi veers into dash cammer, sending him crashing into Porta Potty


A motorist in a white pickup causes a multi-vehicle collision when he crashes into the dash cammer in order to avoid hitting a second truck in the right lane.

The video was shared on August 1 by Facebook user Brent Jackson, who says that no one was hurt in this crash.

The video was captured in a construction zone with the left lane closed. In the clip, you can see a driver in a white pickup traveling in the right lane. The pickup driver appears to fail to notice a semi truck in the right lane. The pickup makes a last-ditch effort to maneuver into the center lane, but winds up striking the dash cammer’s truck. The dash cammer loses control and strikes the other semi, then crashes off the road into a Porta Potty on the shoulder.

In less than 24 hours, the video has been viewed 145,000 times. Check it out below, courtesy of Jackson’s Wrecker Service.


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