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Watch as OOIDA VP tells Congress exactly why speed limiters are such a terrible idea


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A new viral video shows OOIDA in action advocating on behalf of truckers against speed limiters during a Congressional hearing.

The Thing Standing Between You And The Speed Limiter Mandate? OOIDA

The video features OOIDA Vice President Lewie Pugh at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing that took place earlier this year. Pugh is asked what upcoming action from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is most likely to make it harder for truckers to do their jobs and keep the supply chain moving safely.

Pugh quickly responds that the DOT’s push for speed limiters is the biggest risk looming on the horizon for truckers today. He explains that mandated speed limiters will result in dangerous speed differentials between cars and trucks while also decreasing daily driving efficiency for truck drivers.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times across social media platforms and has garnered hundreds of comments from users.

Check out the video below.

In less than one minute, the video exemplifies the advocacy that OOIDA has tirelessly performed on behalf of the trucking community for more than five decades. 

Want To Fight Back Against Speed Limiters?

As federal regulators move closer to passing the Speed Limiter Mandate, it becomes more important than ever for truckers to take a stand.

Here are two easy ways to push back:

  • You can visit this OOIDA link to contact local lawmakers and ask them to support the DRIVE Act (H.R. 3039 in the House and S. 2671 in the Senate) to prevent the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) from moving forward with speed limiter legislation.
  • You can join OOIDA as a new or returning member in order to give the group more ammunition in the fight against this unpopular upcoming rule. Right now, you can purchase two years worth of membership for only $50 — a $40 savings off of standard membership costs. Click here to sign up today. 

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