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WATCH: Driver fights motorist in middle of highway in road-rage overkill


A truck driver may have snapped a little too hard in a video showing a road rage fight in the middle of a highway that ended very badly for the pickup truck driver. 

In the clip, a truck driver is heading down the highway when he slows for a semi truck pulled over behind a pickup truck on the narrow shoulder. As the filming driver hits the brakes and stops, the parked truck driver throws another man into the lane of traffic and begins punching him. 

The man appears to go unconscious and the driver pulls him back onto the shoulder, out of the lane of traffic. The truck driver then walks back into the lane, picks up his headset, checks on the man, checks on his truck, looks a little confused, and then walks over to the stopped trucker. 

“In the full video, the pickup driver gets up on all fours at the last second,” the video poster wrote. “Not my video.” 

In the comments, drivers agree that the multiple punches were unnecessary, overkill, and dangerous, even though they understand where the truck driver was coming from. 

“That was an entire career of middle fingers, brake checks, and getting cut off. Sometimes you’ve had enough,” wrote one. 

“Those last few punches on the ground are the difference between mutual combat and manslaughter,” added another. 

Watch the altercation below. 

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