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Four way stop confusion ends in devastating car vs. semi wreck


A video of four-way stop confusion ends with a devastating wreck between a car turning left and an oncoming semi truck. 

In the video, the semi truck is approaching a four-way stop with flashing red lights (that appear yellow in the footage) when the driver fails to slow. A car turning left then seems to miss the fact that a tractor trailer is barreling towards the intersections and decides to go for it. 

The semi truck then t-bones the car and pushes it into a utility pole and it eventually lands on its side. The tractor trailer’s front end is also smashed up in the process. 

“The semi just didn’t see the stop sign or the white paved limit line. He instantly reacted once the car starts to turn in front of him though… so on the phone/distracted probably not the case. Just driving with his head up his own a** as well, which isn’t a shocker either…” commented one viewer. “Upon further digging – 87 year old man driving Buick passed away. Driver was 55 year old man from Kentucky. Can’t find anything else but I’m sure he’s singing the penitentiary blues.”

Watch the devastating wreck, below. 

Flashing yellow and a stop sign
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