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Four-wheeler’s miscalculation has trucker “shook”


A four-wheeler’s miscalculation while turning right at an intersection left one truck driver “shook” in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, a truck driver is turning right at an intersection from the far right lane when a white SUV comes up on the left and tries to cut a right turn in front of the truck. Unfortunately, the four-wheeler’s miscalculation results in the car bonking into the front driver side of the truck. 

The car then slowly drives away and hits the brakes so the two can meet up and exchange information. Apparently no one was hurt, but the truck driver appears to have taken the incident pretty hard. 

“WHO IS AT FAULT? Can i sue the white car? I cant drive a truck for now. Im shook,” reads the video caption. 

“The white car girl denied fault at scene even after looking at the video,” the video poster continues in the comments. “I  can see this causing them to be a bit hesitant, but I don’t think it would be enough for a lawsuit,” commented one viewer. 

“… If that shook you enough not to drive, then trucking probably isn’t for you. I don’t know your experience behind the wheel of a truck but this probably won’t be the last time a jack ass in a car is gonna do something stupid. I do hope you shake the feeling and can continue on trucking and just let this be a memory that people in cars are stupid especially around trucks,” added another. 

“White car at fault but I hope the rest of your comment is a joke,” wrote a third.

Watch the video of the four-wheeler’s miscalculation below. 


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