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“Mob” attacks trucker during fuel delivery


Police searching for suspects after “Mob” attacks trucker during a fuel delivery to a Circle K gas station.

The Spartanburg Police Department in North Carolina is looking for help in identifying multiple suspects involved in the attack of a truck driver delivering fuel to the Circle K on the intersection of East Main Street and Drayton Road. The December 20th attack occurred at 3 a.m. and sent the truck driver to the hospital. 

“My understanding is that he had been inside the store but then came outside the store back to his tanker truck. He worked for Circle K as a delivery driver, dropping fuel in the underground tanks,” said Maj. Art Littlejohn to 7 News.

“We are investigating it as you would say an assault and battery by a mob right now, the possible hate crime comes in based on the language that is in some of the reports or some of the things that we have heard on the video camera, some of the racial slurs that we heard on the video tape so that’s one of the angles that the investigators are looking at,” Littlejohn continued.

“Typically people who are involved in an incident like this, assault and battery, they know the person, it’s usually not a stranger; but in this case it doesn’t appear that the victim knew the suspects at all.”

Police are looking for “a black SUV and a gray or silver sedan.”

“A couple of the guys got into the black SUV that leaves the area and there’s a gray car with black wheels no hubcaps that also leaves the scene,” Littlejohn said. 

The trucker’s current condition is unknown. 

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Spartanburg Police Department at 864596.2065 or Crime Stoppers at 1.888.CRIMESC. 


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