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Pickup driver pulls semis out of snow thanks to the power of prayer (and the skills of the trucker)


A pickup driver pulls semis out of snow thanks to the power of his truck, the power of prayer, and the power of good trucking skills. 

Jason Thomas of Loudoun County, Tennessee says that he was just driving around in his 2016 Ram 2500 admiring the massive amounts of snow when he ran into Loudon City Police Officers trying to free two semi trucks that were stuck in the snow. 

“Being my truck was a larger size truck, I told him that I would try to pull him for him, and get them up into a safe area,” Thomas said to 6 ABC News

He said he’d never tried to tow anything as large as a semi truck before, but figured he’d try to lend a hand the best he could. 

“I just have always been kind of that person or the one that would help if I could help,” Thomas said. “I keep my faith good in the Lord. So I kind of figured I could get it to go. As long as he’s with me, I can get it to go.”

And he did “get it to go.” Thomas successfully helped both truck drivers free their rigs from their snowy and icy predicament. He says the white rig was around 51,000 pounds and the yellow rig was about 74,000. 

Thomas said his secret to successful towing is just to “pray” and to hope the trucker knows what he’s doing. 

“Pray and just again stay steady and just as long as the driver in the truck can understand. Then and, both keep a steady pace and he keeps his tire spinning. Then you just pull and stay steady. That’s about all you can do with them when they’re that size.”


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