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Truck Parking Club: Looking for Property Owners With Unused Space


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Truck Parking Club, a marketplace with 220 locations across the US, is dedicated to helping truckers save time and fuel by efficiently finding and reserving truck parking. Having provided reliable parking for thousands of drivers in 2023, Truck Parking Club has executed on an innovative solution to the nationwide truck parking shortage. Truck Parking Club is actively seeking businesses and property owners with extra space suitable for truck parking across the United States. 

How Truck Parking Club Works

Truck Parking Club provides an online and mobile app platform where property owners and businesses can list their available spaces for truck parking. These spaces can range from yards at trucking companies, tow truck companies, truck repair shops, warehouses, storage companies, CDL schools, truck parking operators, real estate investors and more. There are no leases or commitments. Truck drivers can then search for and reserve parking spots through the platform, ensuring they have a reliable and convenient place to park during their breaks and resets.

To sign up, it is as easy as going to https://truckparkingclub.com, clicking “Become a Property Member” and following the steps. It takes 15 minutes or less to submit your property for approval. 

Know of a property owner with suitable space? Refer them here, we offer $100-$500 per approved location: https://share.hsforms.com/1MaIdcI9DQ42hShnv0xkhSAe71pq

Truck Parking Club has helped hundreds of landowners get into the truck parking business. Automating the entire process from reservations, bookings, customer service and payment processing.

Benefits for Property Owners and Business Owners

By joining Truck Parking Club, businesses and property owners can generate additional income from their underutilized spaces. This land can be located near major highways, truck stops, transportation hubs or even rural areas.

The Need for More Truck Parking

Truck drivers often face challenges when it comes to finding safe and convenient parking options during their long-haul trips. A lack of adequate truck parking spaces can lead to drivers parking in unauthorized areas or wasting time and fuel to find suitable parking. A 2023 report by the Federal Highway Administration estimated that the cost of searching for parking was $4.4 billion per year, including lost productivity and fuel expenses. Additionally, the average driver takes 56 minutes to find parking. This impacts the drivers’ well-being and productivity, losing thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Furthermore, by offering truck parking, landowners can contribute to the safety and efficiency of the transportation industry. 

Check them out at: https://truckparkingclub.com or call (888) 899-PARK

Know of a property owner with suitable space: refer it here https://share.hsforms.com/1MaIdcI9DQ42hShnv0xkhSAe71pq

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