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Trucker road rage devolves into gunfight while driving


An incident of road rage turned into a gunfight while driving as two truckers fired shots from their trucks on a Florida highway. 

The incident happened on Saturday, March 3rd on Interstate 75 near Ocala, Florida .

According to Miami Herald, the road rage started when a driver from Chesapeake, Virginia threw a water bottle at another truck driver as they passed each other on the highway. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says that the Virginia driver “then continued to follow the victim and eventually pulled alongside him again, at which time he fired several shots toward the victim.”

“After rapidly decelerating in an attempt to avoid being struck, the victim returned fire toward (the suspect) out of fear for his own life,” police continued. 

The victim then pulled into a truck stop and called police, who were able to use dash cam footage to piece the incident together. 

“The footage clearly depicted him shooting at the victim two separate times,” the sheriff’s office said. “(He) also retrieved a second handgun and pointed it at the victim without firing.”

The 43-year-old trucker from Virginia was found in Ocala, Florida on March 6th. He has been charged with “shooting a missile into a vehicle, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and displaying a firearm during the commission of a felony.”

Miraculously, no one, including the truck drivers, was hurt in the shooting.


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