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Truckers block Mexico highway protesting crime against drivers

Truckers block Mexico highway in protest of violent crimes against drivers throughout the country.  Truck drivers and other members of the National Transportation Association parked around 50 vehicles along two lanes of the PanAmerican Highway, also known...

Protesters shut down I-40 Memphis/Arkansas bridge

A large group of protesters shut down both directions of the I-40 Memphis/Arkansas bridge over the weekend.

VIDEO: Semi truck swarmed by protesters in Portland

Video captured last week shows protesters in Portland climbing on top of and surrounding a semi truck.

Small group of truckers gathers in protest of lowered rates, increased fees

A group of truckers held a peaceful protest in Texas on Monday in response to higher fees, lower rates, and overall changes in practices at their trucking broker.  The demonstration was held on August 21st at the...

Protesters use semi trucks to shut down California interchange

Protesters caused major traffic backups in Glendale, California, on Wednesday night when they used vehicles including semi trucks to block traffic.

Truckers protest low freight rates with Indiana slow roll

A group of truckers dropped their trailers and gathered on an Indiana Interstate to protest low freight rates today.  The bobtail rigs went on a slow roll along Interstate 465 around Indianapolis on Wednesday, May 17th in...

Tow truck drivers gather in protest of dropped charges for motorist that fatally struck fellow tow truck driver 

Tow truck drivers gathered along a roadway in New York on Thursday night as a form of protest against dropping charges for a motorist that killed a fellow tow truck driver last year.  76-year-old Richard Congel fatally...

100+ truckers, farmers, business owners protest neighborhood code changes banning parking their rigs on their own property 

Residents of a Florida neighborhood gathered on Monday to protest a recently enforced code that is putting their livelihoods in jeopardy.  More than 100 truckers, farmers, and landscapers gathered in Palm Beach County, Florida on December 19th...

Truckers quietly end Oakland Port protest without resolution

The Port of Oakland has resumed operations after a multi-day blockade by truckers that ended without resolution.  The protest against AB5, a bill making owner operators into employees in an attempt to protect them, began last Monday,...

Oakland cargo operation shut down as trucker protest continues 

Cargo operations have been shut down in Oakland as truck drivers continue to protest a new California labor law they say prevents them from working for themselves, it was announced Wednesday.  The protest began on Monday and...

Oakland O/Ops plan walkout in protest of bill making them employees

Truck drivers planned a walkout at the Port of Oakland on Monday in protest of a bill they say will take away their ability to work as independent contractors.  According to Fox KTVU News, the drivers say...

$5 million lawsuit filed in the death of protester struck by truck at slaughterhouse

The family of a prominent animal rights protester has filed a lawsuit against a truck driver and a trucking company involved in her death at an Ontario pork processing plant two years ago.

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