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One person is dead and another was injured following a train vs. semi truck collision in in Dundy County, Nebraska, on Tuesday.
The Truck Safety Coalition (TSC) told transportation officials that they are "dismayed, disappointed, and deeply disturbed" that rulemaking on heavy truck speed limiters and automatic emergency braking systems has been pushed back to 2025.

Three States Introduce Bills To Crack Down On Highway Protesters

Three states seek to keep highway traffic flowing in spite of political unrest by introducing legislation that would stiffen the penalties for highway protesters. Bills...

Rest Area To Shut Down Because IDOT Won’t Pay Bills

Truckers who are used to stopping at the I-70 rest area in Marshall, Illinois may have to keep driving unless the Illinois Department of...

How To: Get Creditors Off Your Back

While on the road, it can be difficult to stay on top of your bills. If you, like many people, have fallen behind on your bills at one time or another – you may be able to find some relief from persistent creditors here.

Teamsters Endorse Highway Bill That Requires EOBRs

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters formally endorses the Highway Transportation Bill its requirement of electronic onboard recorders. Read OOIDA's response.

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