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North Carolina police say at least 5 people were killed in a crash on I-95 in Wilson County on Wednesday.
TravelCenters of America (TA) broke ground on a heavy- and medium-duty truck charging station in California this week.

VIDEO: FedEx Truck Hauling Doubles Crashes

According to the video description, the FedEx truck hit a patch of black ice, sending it crashing into the dash cammer's vehicle. If you're...

VIDEO: Black Ice Slip and Slide

A truck slides on an icy highway. The truck starts to jackknife but the driver manages to straighten it back out, but he can't keep the truck from continuing to slide.

VIDEO: Gas Truck Sliding On Black Ice

Watch as the driver of this tanker slides on the ice:

VIDEO: New Jersey Turnpike I-95 Crash, Black Ice

Check out this scary crash footage, recorded yesterday (January 18th, 2015) on the New Jersey Turnpike - I-95. The accident was caused by black ice.

Video: Truck Hits Black Ice on an Overpass

A truck driver hit a patch of black ice on an overpass and lost control of his truck. At CDLLife, we get a lot of questions from new drivers. Veteran drivers, what could this driver have done to avoid this wreck, and what tips do you have for new drivers on how to handle situations like this?

VIDEO: Cincinnati Drift

This dash cam footage was taken in Cincinnati, and the drift was caused by black ice.

VIDEO: Black Ice Blunder

The tail end of the trailer whips over and hits an oncoming car.

VIDEO: Black Ice Road In Arkansas

Check out this unbelievable Arkansas black ice!

VIDEO: Icy Road Overtake

Slippery road ahead.

VIDEO: Danger – Icy Roads Ahead

Icy roads and overpasses in Texas. Check it out!

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