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Truck maker Volvo announced plans to increase heavy truck production capacity by opening a new plant in Mexico within the next two years.
Over $1 million worth of stolen semi trucks are still missing from a trucking company nearly a month after the crime occurred.  The theft happened on March 14th at around 9 p.m. in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada.  According to...

100 mile detour planned for Pennsylvania Turnpike this weekend

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is warning drivers of a major weekend closure to allow crews to remove a crashed trailer.

VIDEO: Social media influencer tries driving a manual semi truck for the very first time

A newbie to truck driving gets a crash course in this entertaining video.

Florida to spend $8.2 million to get more truck drivers on the road

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state will spend millions in order to expand CDL training opportunities as part of a workforce development initiative.

Truck drivers in Maryland must pass ‘modernized’ CDL skills test starting next week

Transportation officials in Maryland will install an updated commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills starting in just a few days. As of August 22, all...

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles worker accused in CDL bribe scheme

The Louisiana State Police (LSP) recently arrested a driver's licensing worker for allegedly issuing fraudulent Commercial Learner's Permits (CLPs) and Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDLs)

VIDEO: Load securement tips according to trucker Tik Tok

Trucker Tik Tok has some load securement tips and tricks for new drivers or those just looking for a little refresher.  “My best attempt at...

This video breaks down why U.S. truckers feel frustrated and unappreciated

This video provides users with an eye-opening look at the challenges of working in the trucking industry in 2022.

WATCH: YouTube stars with no trucking experience try to drive big rigs

Get ready to grind your teeth a little as YouTube content creators "The Try Guys" test their (nonexistent) trucking skills.

Mississippi DOT program to provide CDL training for the homeless

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced a new program designed to help people experiencing homelessness to find careers in the transportation industry. Through...

Video shows you the unwritten rules of what NOT to do at the truck stop

This video delivers a load of truck stop etiquette that's great for newer drivers.

Eye-opening video gives you a lesson on how the U.S. Interstate system works

ver wonder how the U.S. interstates that you drive on every day got their name? This quick and informative video breaks down the "interstate's forgotten code" to show viewers how the roadways were built and named.

FMCSA rolls out Training Provider Registry as new driver training standards go into effect

On Monday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) debuted an online database of registered driver training providers as new entry-level driver training standards go into effect.

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