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VIDEO: Truck Driver Asks For Compliance With DOT, Border Patrol

We've seen a lot of videos lately of truck drivers taking a stand against DOT and Border Patrol officers. Here's one truck driver's counterpoint...

35 Illegal Immigrants Found In Trailer, Trucker Says He Was Robbed & Duped

Truck driver Muchiri Rhodes is facing human smuggling charges after Border Patrol agents at the Falfurrias Checkpoint discovered 35 illegal immigrants inside his trailer last week. Prior to...

VIDEO: Trucker Vs. Border Patrol

This video shows a truck driver clashing with U.S. Border Patrol agents over his Constitutional rights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMSd2SrWfK4 Source: ThinkOutsideTheTV

VIDEO: Truck Driver Challenges Border Patrol, Goes To Jail For 19 Days

Man refuses to answer Border Patrol agent's questions and ends up spending 19 days in jail.

Video: Truck Driver Challenges Border Patrol, Ends Up With Busted Out Window

A truck driver challenged Border Patrol agents at the Highway 281 Checkpoint, south of Falfurrias, Texas. After refusing to answer the agent's questions and demands, Border Patrol agents bust out the driver's window and remove him from his truck.

Video: Truck Driver Dash Cam Captures Shocking Statement by Border Patrol

A truck driver recorded his exchange with a Border Patrol agent in Texas. Listen to what the agent tells the driver.

Truck Driver Arrested At Checkpoint For Refusing To Answer Questions

A driver was arrested for refusing to answer border patrol agent's questions.

VIDEO: Citizen Questions Border Patrol About His Rights

Some U.S. citizens are growing increasingly fed up with Border Patrol checkpoints. Armed with their cameras, many of them are questioning the system.

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