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DHS Committed to Cross Canadian Commerce Plan

The Department of Homeland Security is renewing efforts to build cross-border business with Canada. Should trucking companies be happy about the proposal?

Truck Driver Overcomes Incredible Odds

The story of Canadian truck driver Mike Dingler will move and inspire you. Please read it. Please share it.

Maine Statehouse Funds Transnational Highway Study

Maine sets aside $300,000 for a privately-funded highway connecting the state to two Canadian provinces.

Highway Heroes: Truckers Deliver Safety

Before they knew it, a couple traveling with a group of newborn puppies were in flaming danger, then danger of freezing. Thanks to truckers, they're all alive.

Entrepreneurial Woman Keeps Truckers Safe & Rolling

A Canadian woman created a business to help truckers stay safe and keep their trucks on the road. She loves truckers and her job. Read more about her.

Crime Fighting Trucker Helps Nab Dangerous Driver

A Toronto truck driver took over pursuit of a dangerous driver that rammed a police cruiser off the road. Read the account...

Heated Situation, Cool Head

A trucker keeps calm as a mentally unstable man threatens him with a bomb.

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