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Bridges in 16 states will soon see improvements or be replaced after $5 billion in grants was announced on Wednesday.  The Biden administration announced the states and bridges awarded the grant money on Wednesday, July 17th, reported...
One person is dead and another was injured following a train vs. semi truck collision in in Dundy County, Nebraska, on Tuesday.

Georgia Police Set Up Impaired Trucker Checkpoint On I-95

Georgia law enforcement officers set up a checkpoint on I-95 in Chatham County last night in an effort to get truck drivers under the influence...

VIDEO: Border Patrol Tells Trucker They Don’t Need Probable Cause To Search His Truck

Watch as this truck driver refuses to comply with Border Patrol's attempt to search his truck. The agents tell the driver that they do...

VIDEO: Trucker Records Heated Encounter When Checkpoint Agents Want To Wake Sleeping Wife

This team-driving trucker filmed a video that records the conflict between himself and Laredo, Texas DHS agents who want to wake his sleeping wife....

VIDEO: Cop Tells Man Constitutional Rights Are Null At Checkpoints

Comply and move on or exercise your rights?

VIDEO: Truck Driver Pleads The 5th At Checkpoint Stop

A truck driver refuses to answer questions at a checkpoint.

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