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VIDEO: Four Wheeler Vs. Caterpillar Highway Road Rage

Take a look as this driver engages in a highway road-rage battle with the Caterpillar front loader that allegedly damaged the rear end of...

VIDEO: Red Car Almost Clips Truck

Watch as the impatient driver of the red car cuts off the truck, nearly clipping it, before pulling out in front of another car. Video...

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Makes A Bad Decision

Watch as this four wheeler driver makes a bad choice when he decides to pull out in front of an oncoming truck! Video Credit: Zerofuxgiven

VIDEO: Bobtail Vs. Merging Four-Wheeler

This video shows the clash between a four-wheeler and a determined bobtail driver! Video Credit: OnePieceQ8

VIDEO: Truck PIT Manuever Launches Car Into Oncoming Vehicle

Watch as this four wheeler goes soaring into oncoming traffic after making an unsafe lane change around a truck!

VIDEO: Insane Driver Goes Under Oversized Load

Watch as this suicidal 4-wheeler driver films himself driving under a truck's oversized load!

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Crashes While Trying To Pass Truck

Watch as this impatient four wheeler just can't wait to pass a truck and ends up paying the price!

VIDEO: Four Wheeler Passes Truck On Shoulder

This video from CDLLife reader Julie Morgan shows four wheeler impatience at its most reckless and ridiculous. According to the video description: "This pick-up truck...

VIDEO: Inattentive Four-Wheeler Causes Accident With Truck

Take a look as a four-wheeler driver who clearly isn't paying attention manages to drift into the path of a truck!

VIDEO: Large Quad Loading Fail

This large quad loading fail was too good not to share!

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