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Video captured in Ohio this week shows a train plowing a big rig down the railroad tracks.
Images shared on social media show a truck driver in a tight spot on a mountain roadway in Virginia.

VIDEO: Dog Loves (Or Hates?) The Air Horn

Check out this video and try to tell if this dog really loves the air horn as much as this truck driver thinks that...

VIDEO: Man Tries To Protect His Car From Hail

He really loves his car.

VIDEO: Truck Driver Shares His Most Embarrassing Trucking Moment

What do you think of this driver's most embarrassing trucking moment? What's your most embarrassing trucking moment?

VIDEO: Passenger’s Surprising Prank Wake Up Call

What's the funniest prank you've ever played on someone else or someone else has played on you?

Redneck Creative Quick Fixes

Hold that load of junk you've collected before you scrap it! You might end up trashing something that could help you cook your next meal, keep your bike upright, or at least get you a few laughs from friends and family.

VIDEO: Really Good Glass Cleaner

A man is jogging across the parking lot and attempts to jog into the store, only he runs into the glass door instead.

Video: Create Your Own Parking Spot in Paris

Funny video of a man trying to fit his tiny car into a tiny parking spot.

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