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Bridges in 16 states will soon see improvements or be replaced after $5 billion in grants was announced on Wednesday.  The Biden administration announced the states and bridges awarded the grant money on Wednesday, July 17th, reported...
One person is dead and another was injured following a train vs. semi truck collision in in Dundy County, Nebraska, on Tuesday.

Walcott Truckers Jamboree: Toy Truck Makers’ COVID-19 Trouble

They don’t just tinker. But after a year of battling the isolating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bradenburys of D&A Toys are calling...

Woman found guilty of first degree murder in truck driver’s shooting death

An Iowa jury deliberated for just 50 minutes before finding a woman guilty of first degree murder for shooting a truck driver to death at a rest stop last year.

Nebraska troopers share rainy jackknife dash cam video

The Nebraska State Patrol has shared scary dash cam video of a semi truck jackknifing on I-80 on Monday as a reminder to use caution during rainy conditions.

Investigators focus on TA truck stop in search for missing student

Investigators searching for a 20 year old Iowa woman who has been missing for weeks say that a Travel Centers of America truck stop is a "location of interest" that might hold the key to finding her.

Trucker at fault in crash that killed six gets short sentence thanks to family’s forgiveness

A truck driver was handed down an unusually short sentence for a crash that killed a family of five and one other person after surviving family members urged the judge to show him mercy.

Wagonhound Rest Area closed for the summer

The Wagonhound Rest Area is closing down as of June 7 for the replacement of the I-80 bridge decks at the Wagonhound interchange. The rest stop...

Bi-plane hits semi truck while attempting emergency landing on I-80

A bi-plane pilot survived a terrifying ordeal during which he collided with a semi truck while trying an emergency landing on I-80 yesterday, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol. 

Five killed in a series of crashes on I-80 in Nebraska

Nebraska State Police (NSP) say that at least five people lost their lives in multi-vehicle crashes that took place on I-80 between Lincoln and York yesterday.

I-80 in Nebraska shut down again for dust storms resulting in multiple-vehicle crashes

Nebraska transportation officials have shut down a stretch of I-80 for the second day in a row after blowing dust once again led to reduced visibility and multiple crashes.

1 killed in 29 vehicle pileup caused by Nebraska dust storm

One person was killed and fifteen others injured in a multi-vehicle crash triggered by a dust storm in Nebraska yesterday afternoon.

Sideswipe leaves trucker in precarious position

A two-vehicle crash left a truck driver's load dangling over the side of an I-80 bridge near Newton, Iowa this morning.

Idaho trucker killed in Nebraska blizzard

A truck driver lost his life during a brutal spring blizzard that crippled much of the midwest and left dozens of drivers stranded over the weekend.

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