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This week, the Iowa 80 Group opened a large warehouse and distribution center for trucking parts and accessories.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently discovered a slew of violations after pulling over a truck-trailer combination in Redding.

VIDEO: Car Tries To Merge Into Apparently Invisible Semi Truck

Check out this "what the heck was he thinking?" merge fail.

VIDEO: Van Driver Who Can’t See Trucks Will At Least Feel This One

A clueless van driver comes to a stop at an intersection, decides to ignore the gigantic big rig barreling his way, and pays the...

VIDEO: Guy Who Can’t See Trucks Tries To Merge

A motorist with an acute case of Invisible Truck Syndrome slams into a semi during a pitiful merge attempt.

VIDEO: Pickup Driver Can’t See Big Trucks

Watch as a pickup drives like a bat out of hell, recklessly pulling out of a parking lot right in front of an understandably...

VIDEO: Invisible Truck Syndrome

Are you suffering from the 'Invisible Truck Syndrome' epidemic? Symptoms can include damaged vehicles, injury, and even death! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBap1iDNOUg&feature=youtu.be Source: Drive For Freedom

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