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Truck Driver Unknowingly Hauls $650K in Marijuana

A truck driver unknowingly transported 115 pounds of marijuana.

Cargo Theft, A Danger For Courier Truck Drivers Leaving Marijuana Grow Facilities?

According to an Ontario police chief, there is reason to fear for delivery truck drivers leaving Canada’s medicinal marijuana grow facilities. Twelve companies have been...

DOT Tells Drivers to Just Say No to Legal Pot

This week, the first the first legal sales of marijuana in Colorado took place. Current or prospective drivers should be aware of how the legal use of recreational marijuana will affect their CDL.

3.9 Tons Of Marijuana, Worth $3.4 M Seized From Tanker

A Texas CVE trooper discovered a massive amount of marijuana during an inspection.

DOT, FMCSA Clarify Position On Recreational And Medical Marijuana

DOT clarifies its position on medical and recreational marijuana use.

DOT Releases Official Statement On New Marijuana Laws

The DOT has taken an official position on the legalization of recreational marijuana and its impact on CDL holders.

Man Accused of Soliciting Truck Drivers For Drug Trafficking

A drug trafficker was recruiting drivers to transport the loads. Find out how much marijuana was discovered.

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