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TravelCenters of America (TA) broke ground on a heavy- and medium-duty truck charging station in California this week.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is warning drivers about a recent phishing scam impersonating official FMCSA correspondence.  The email is being sent to entities registered with the FMCSA by someone impersonating the FMCSA through fake emails...

Here Are 5 Ways To Stay Hydrated — Even If You Hate Drinking Water

There are some people who can happily chug glasses of water all day long. They have their own BPA free water bottles. They look...

VIDEO: Trucker Has No Fear Of Flood Waters

Watch as this daring trucker barely even hesitates before choosing to drive his rig through rushing flood waters! <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=07469ba03426" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Video Credit: TwistedLogic

VIDEO: Truck Plows Through Super High Flood Water

We've shown you a lot of videos of truck driving through floods, but this might take the cake! Watch this driver plow through deep, deep flood water.

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

How much water do you consume on a daily basis?

VIDEO: Flooded Bridge

This dashcam footage documented a driver going over a flooded bridge with an empty trailer.

Are Plastic Water Bottles Damaging Your Health?

While it's always great for your health and energy levels to drink lots of fresh, clean H20, and yes, water bottles are very convenient - but are they safe?

VIDEO: Truck Driver Pulls Stranded Woman From Flood Waters

Watch as this brave truck driver pulls a stranded woman out of powerful, rushing flood waters!

Think You’re Hungry? Drink Water, Not Diet Soda!

Make sure you drink plenty of water and you're not mistaking diet sodas for sufficient hydration. Artificial sweeteners are designed to keep you dehydrated so you'll get thirsty and drink more.

VIDEO: Crazy Convoy Crossing

Can you believe this crazy convoy crossing?

Signs You’re Dehydrated And Need To Drink More Water

Signs you're dehydrated and your body needs more fluids to function can vary from mild to severe.

VIDEO: Driving Through Flooded Out Road

According to the driver's description, the water was 4' deep. How deep is too deep on a flooded road?

VIDEO: Water Train

Looks and sounds like a tractor, drives like a train.

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