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Out Of Control Car Hit By Semi

VIDEO: Out Of Control Car Slammed By Semi

A four wheeler loses control (for no apparent reason) on I-35 in Dallas and gets pummeled by an oncoming truck…. Read more »

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When You Swing Wide To Avoid The Truck On Your Left But Forget About The Truck On Your Right

VIDEO: When You Swing Wide To Avoid The Truck On Your Left But Forget About The Truck On Your Right

This driver’s dash cam captures a truck on truck hit and run at the Flying J in Dallas, Texas. Video… Read more »

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Truck Fire In Dallas

Fiery Lumber Truck Crash Kills Pregnant Woman, Two Children, And Adult

This morning’s deadly crash between a lumber truck and a passenger vehicle on a flyover ramp has left two children, a pregnant… Read more »

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dallas gunpoint

Trucker Says He Was Forced To Smuggle Drugs After Ambush

A Dallas trucker says that he was ambushed near Edinburg, held at gunpoint, and forced to transport narcotics. The drugs… Read more »

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truck off bridge

VIDEO: Icy Patch Leaves Truck Driver Dangling From Bridge

Watch as this truck hangs over the edge of a bridge in Dallas after hitting some ice! Fortunately, no one… Read more »

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GATS 2014

GATS 2014

CDLLife is having a great time at the GATS thanks to all of you who stopped by!

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Truck Driver Murdered

Truck Driver Murdered At Dallas Truck Stop

Drivers, if you’re in this area, please be careful.

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Need For More Parking

Truck Driver Robbed And Beaten Near Dallas Truck Stop

Stories like this shine a light on the need for more abundant, safe parking.

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Tire Thieves Robbing Truckers In Texas

‘Brazen’ Tire Thieves Robbing Truckers In Texas

Tire thieves are targeting truckers in north Texas.

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Truck Driver Risks His Life For Little Debbies

Truck Driver Pulls Burning Rig Away From Trailer

A truck driver risked his life to save his load of Little Debbies.

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Truck Driver Thanks His Hero

Truck Driver Meets With Woman Who Pulled Him From Fiery Crash

A true hero.

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Mexican Pilot Program 2012

US Trucker Detained in Mexico on Ammo Smuggling Charged

Jabin Bogan, 27, of Dallas, is confined to the Villa Aldama federal prison in the state of Veracruz and could face up to 35 years in prison, and it may all be due to a simple mistake.

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Real Life Guardian Angel On the Highway

Truck driver is a true guardian angel on the highway. Read why this trucker has been nominated for 3 Highway Angel awards. This article will blow you away.

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