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Maybe The Happiest Russian Trucking Video Of All Time

VIDEO: Maybe The Happiest Russian Trucking Video Of All Time

Many of the trucking videos coming out of Russia capture brutal crashes, extremely nasty weather, and insane acts of road… Read more »

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Russian CDL Scam

CDL Scammers Targeting Russian Speakers Arrested

Florida authorities announced that they have uncovered a scam that helped over 600 people get CDLs without proper training or even a basic understanding of the English language.

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Pedestrians Vs. Truck At Crosswalk

VIDEO: Out Of Control Truck Sends Pedestrians Flying At Crosswalk

This video shows what happens when a distracted truck driver can’t stop in time at a crosswalk. Amazingly, everyone survived… Read more »

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Tank Loading Fail

VIDEO: Epic Tank Loading Fail

Take a look at this spectacular Russian tank loading fail! Ouch! Source: rst@news

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Unwilling Passenger

VIDEO: Truck Accidentally Takes Car Along For A Ride

As this truck takes a corner, it manages to pick up an unwilling passenger! Source: Chris Parker

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distracted driver

VIDEO: Distracted Truck Driver Zooms Through Accident Scene

Watch as this truck driver realizes — almost too late — that there is an accident scene in front of… Read more »

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Russian Accident

VIDEO: Truck Hauling Cars Fishtails, Hits Power Lines

Check out this Russian dash cam footage of a driver losing control, fishtailing, and colliding into power lines. Source:… Read more »

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Russian Truck Driver Crash Compilation Video

VIDEO: Russian Truck Crashes

Check out this unbelievable Russian truck crash compilation video!

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Russian Driver Slides Into Traffic

VIDEO: Russian Driver Takes Out Line Of Cars

Watch as this Russian truck driver takes out a line of cars at an intersection!

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Russian Tank Crossing Video

VIDEO: Russian Tank Tracking Transporter Crosses River

Watch as this Russian driver transporting a 50 ton heavy load crosses a Siberian river!

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Russian Dakar Truck Gets Air

VIDEO: Russian Dakar Truck Gets Air

So much for those wings… this Red Bull dakar truck’s flight was short-lived.

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Russian Bear Begs Truck Driver

VIDEO: Russian Beggar At Truck Driver’s Window

You won’t believe what’s begging at this driver’s window! Source: k-doe

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VIDEO: Russian Water Park

This Russian water park set up is absolute insanity! Source Lun4r

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Lucky Driver

VIDEO: Luckiest Driver Ever

Watch as the luckiest driver ever’s car spins out of control, and a truck driver makes a quick stop to… Read more »

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Russian Loading Fail

VIDEO: Russian Army Loading Fail

This Russian loading video is a little scary! Every time you think it’s over – it just continues to get worse!

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Vehicle Liftoff

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Vehicle Lift-Off

Check out this shocking dash cam footage!

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Video- Russian Car Accident on Snowy Highway

VIDEO: Russian Car Accident On Snowy Highway

This video is from a Russian highway, where two cars get tangled up on a snowy road.

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Russian Dash Cam Videos Rationalized

Russian Dash-Cam Videos Rationalized

Find out here why so many of our crazy clips are Russian dash-cam videos!

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