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VIDEO: Easy Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Drivers, do you love the smoky flavor of pulled pork sandwiches and want to capture the flavor in your slow cooker? It’s easy.  On the YouTube channel, Cooking Show with Jack, the Lazy Man has put together a video with step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches.

Best of all, all the ingredients can be thrown into the slow cooker before you head out to work, and your meal will be ready for you at the end of your day.  That’s better than fast food!

To make the sandwiches, you will need:

A Slow Cooker

1 Pork Butt

2 Jars of GOOD BBQ sauce

1 Can of Vegetable Broth (I use apple cider vinegar)

*I also add 2tsps of Liquid Smoke

Sandwich Buns

Cooking With Jack Show


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