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Ice Road Truckers 6 Nears Season Finale


Ice Road Truckers Season 6 FinaleThe ice is melting, the conditions get more dangerous and there’s still lots of loads to deliver. It sounds like the shows’ producers don’t actually have to EDIT DRAMA INTO THE SHOW this time. Will you be watching next season?

On Sept. 23rd, the 6th season of History Channel’s hit show Ice Road Truckers will ground to a halt. This season had some viewership problems, most likely due to the absence of show favorite Lisa Kelly. Plus, there’s only so many times they can show that demonstration video of the semi truck crunch through the ice and hope people still feel some anxiety. It’s almost like that sequence triggers veteran viewers to go refresh their beverage or make another bathroom run.

History Channel Ice Road Truckers
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Fans know by now that Porkchop was sent home from the Dalton two weeks ago, following a long string of chances. Was he the worst driver Carlile had ever seen? Probably not; Porkchop certainly did not do the damage, at least, that Hugh did, long-time IRT fans will recall, when he was trucking for the company in previous seasons. Of course, Hugh was sent away and asked not to return, as well, so the outcome was the same, regardless of the details. Did Phil have some kind of personal vendetta against Porkchop? Well, he did not seem to like him very much, but “vendetta” might be taking it a bit too far.

Did Phil and Lane “team up” against Porkchop, as some viewers may have felt? Actually, Lane seemed to give Porkchop every benefit of the doubt, and every opportunity to improve, but, in the end, it seemed more important to Porkchop that he get in digs on Phil—flipping him off as he flew past him on one episode, and that ridiculous “hiding” attempt in another—than it was for him to work to keep his job.

The producers/writers had been telegraphing this “development” since the season opener. It didn’t take Scotland Yard to figure out that Porkchop was going to be chickenfeed at some point in the season. We’re actually surprised he lasted THIS long. So what becomes of everyone during the final episode next week? Someone’s going home with a big ZERO on a check, we’re betting.

So if you feel like it, you can head over to History Channel.com and watch the next to last episode. They will also post the season finale on Sept. 23rd, so be sure and check back to see who actually drops through the ice and ruins their load.

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