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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Goes To Trucking School


It’ll become obvious over the next few minutes that late night talk show host Conan O’Brien probably won’t make a good truck driver. He’s a good sized guy who is healthy, but…well, he’s a much better conversationalist than he is a trucker.

Even though Conan played a good tune with the President of the Jersey Truck Driving School in East Rutherford, and picks out a nice spiffy hat, we’re glad he’s not rolling down the highway.

Throughout the day, he learns to combat and conquer his fear of white dotted lines, his tendency to fall asleep when he’s in a comfortable chair, and he even chooses an appropriate CB handle: “Sunblock.”

Sorry, Conan. You’re much safer behind a desk trading quips with your sidekick Andy Richter.



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