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Michigan Unveils 2-Lane Snow Plow


Michigan To Use Tow-Plows Is bigger better?  Michigan Department of Transportation says yes.

You’ve probably already seen the Tow-Plow before– 13 other states currently use them– but this week, Michigan announced they are the newest state to add the giant snow plow to their road crew arsenal.

The tow plow is 25 feet wide and can plow two lanes at once.

“When it deploys it looks like a truck jackknifing because it’s going to swing out to the side,”  M-DOT Region Maintenance Manager Will Thompson told WILX.

How does the Tow-Plow work? Before the plow deploys, the truck’s lights begin flashing.  Then, the plow swings out at a 30 degree angle.

“We definitely want people to be prepared when this thing swings out. Stay back and be careful it’s fine,” said Thompson.

With states across the country facing budget cuts, the plow allows one driver to do the work of two.

“It’s special in the way we have never been able to plow two lanes with one driver before. Recently we had a 15% cut in employees. The number is down a bit and we need to use tools to make up for it,” said Thompson.

Though the plow costs just over $90,000, the state feels it’s worth the investment.

“We predict 30-40 percent savings and a 5 year payback. So we should have it paid off in 5 years,” Thompson told the news channel.

Have you seen Tow-Plows?  What do you think of them?

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