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Summer Night Sleeplessness


Sometimes on summer nights, falling asleep is anything but easy. According to the National Sleep Foundation – it’s difficult for us to lose an hour of sleep, especially those of us who are already sleep-deprived. In addition to that – our rest is known to directly effect both our health and safety. The sleep loss associated with daylight saving time has been linked to increases in traffic and on-the-job accidents the Monday following the time change.” – That’s pretty major! – Although many say we get used to the difference within a couple of days, other experts disagree. In fact, many Americans experience summer sleep issues associated with those extra hours of daylight. Whether it be the extra hours of sunlight keeping you up, the unbearable heat, or just the stress of the day – you’re bound to be laying there sleepless.

Check out these 10 Tricks To Falling Asleep Quickly And Soundly

Try to get yourself into the relaxation mode a little earlier in the evening, if possible. If you can reach a quiet and relaxed state around an hour before you’d like to fall asleep, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to drift off a lot easier. – Have a difficult time relaxing? Give the Calm app a try, it works wonders!

Get the sleeper as dark as possible. Try fashioning some shades or blocking the windows in the evenings (if you haven’t already). The darker the environment, the better. – The temperature of your sleeping area also plays a huge role (although that may not always be in your control) consider a fan or a lighter blanket if it’s the heat that’s keeping you awake.

Reconsider where you’re allowing your pet to sleep. If you’re allowing your trusty co-navigator to sleep close to you, there is a chance that their stirring could actually be disturbing your sleep as well. If you’ve got a restless or noisy pet, consider moving them to the floor area so that you can sleep more soundly.



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